Terms and conditions

Personalized trips

GODUBAI Dubai offers to build your trip to your liking and provides a website (www.godubai.ca) to inspire you, suggest itineraries and give you ideas matching a budget. To obtain your personalized travel program, you must submit your request by phone or mail to a travel agency or directly on our website www.godubai.ca Generally, within 72 hours of receiving your request, a consultant will propose to you, by e-mail, based on your request, an estimate containing your travel program (the "Quotation") and a firm and definitive price (except for the air portion), inclusive of all charges, taxes and services (except any adjustments). To confirm your acceptance of the Quotation, you must register before its expiry date, with your consultant. After expiry of your Quotation, GODUBAI may, at your request, establish a new quotation for your trip, taking into account the terms, conditions and prices, that may have changed in the meantime.


All registrations are considered final only upon receipt of the names and requested deposit for the submitted trip


A non-refundable deposit is required to confirm a trip. The deposit varies according to the package chosen. In the case of personalized trips, the deposit amount may be equivalent to the price of the full flight ticket plus a percentage of the land component. In this case the entire deposit would also be non-refundable.

Application fees

Personalized trips requiring multiple searches may be subject to an application fee. Application fees may vary according to the request. Application fees will be mentioned at request time and be mandatory even if the proposal is not accepted.

Terms of payment

Payments by cheque will be accepted more than 60 days before departure. Cash and cheque payments must be received at our offices before travel documents can be issued. Payments by credit card are accepted at any time and may be subject to a surcharge, in which case the latter will be specified when booking.

For bookings made more than 60 days before departure, we only require a deposit to make the reservation, and the final payment must be received at our office no later than 60 days before departure. Some exceptions may apply, such as early bookings offered for the land portion, in which case payment terms will be provided with the quotation.

For bookings made within 60 days of departure, the full amount of the trip must be paid when booking.


Confirmations for each service specified in the Quotation are subject to availability, at the time of booking, from our various suppliers and to their respective confirmation deadlines. Submitted prices are also subject to change at any time until trip confirmation.


If the traveller has to cancel his trip, he must notify GODUBAI by registered letter with return receipt as soon as the event giving rise to the cancellation occurs. The dispatch date of the registered letter will be the date used as the cancellation date for billing cancellation fees.

Due to the delays imposed by the airlines, we are constrained to issue each ticket upon booking. As of the issuance of a ticket and regardless of the cancellation date, the cancellation fee for the air portion amounts to 100% of the ticket price.

Deposits are never refundable. Packages are 100% non-refundable from the final payment date, even if the final payments have not yet reached our offices.

For this purpose, GODUBAI recommends that the traveller subscribe a cancellation insurance which could, in the event of a recognized reason (in particular: illness, accident, death, etc.), reimburse him for the amounts already paid out.

Regardless of the circumstances of an early return (illness, personal decision, etc.), the uncompleted portion of the trip is not refundable.

If GODUBAI is forced to cancel a trip (the decision will be communicated to the traveller at least 15 days before departure), the traveller will be entitled to a full refund of the sums he has paid to GODUBAI, but will not be entitled to any other compensation. The traveller is not entitled to any reimbursement or compensation if trip cancellation is imposed by force majeure circumstances or climatic or natural events (cyclone, storm, hurricane, volcanic eruption, earthquake, tornado, landslide, etc.) or any other disaster or accident that cannot be predicted or avoided. When necessary, GODUBAI may cancel the trip without notice. Some fixed departure group tours require a minimum number of travellers to undertake the trip. An insufficient number of travellers may therefore be a reason for cancellation. In such cases, GODUBAI reserves the right to revise upwards its prices per traveller or to cancel the trip, at its sole discretion. In both cases, the decision is communicated to the traveller at least 15 days before departure. The traveller is not entitled to any compensation. Because of the above, GODUBAI recommends that the traveller take out travel insurance (including cancellation insurance).

Adventure trips

The traveller acknowledges and accepts that, given the adventurous nature of some of the trips organized by GODUBAI, he may be exposed to certain risks notably due to medical centres remoteness. He assumes them in full knowledge of the facts and releases GODUBAI, the guides and other service providers from any responsibility arising from any accident that may occur. This also binds the traveller's beneficiaries and family members. If circumstances so require, and in particular to ensure the safety of the entire group, but also for climatic reasons or unforeseen events, GODUBAI reserves the right, directly or through its local service providers, to substitute one means of transport, accommodation, itinerary, date or time of travel with another, without the traveller being entitled to compensation. Given the adventurous nature of GODUBAI's trips, the traveller agrees to comply with the advices and instructions issued by GODUBAI or its representatives and service providers, who shall not be held liable for any incident, accident or bodily injury resulting from a personal initiative of the traveller.


Upon signing the registration form, the price is firm, final and expressed in Canadian dollars. However, in accordance with the law, we may have to modify our prices to take into account: - variations in transportation costs, related in particular to fuel costs. - variation in charges and taxes related to the services provided, such as taxes levied on landing, embarkation and disembarkation.

Site land services (transfers, excursions, accommodation, etc.) unused by the traveller do not give right to any refund, substitution or transfer. Services voluntarily modified by the local traveller are subject to the local service providers conditions: additional or replacement services generating additional costs must be paid directly to the local service provider and can in no circumstance engage GODUBAI's liability. No refund of any unused portion of these services may be granted.

Any trip's element modification after registration form signature and before ticket(s) issuance, is subject to additional charges, payable by the traveller, equivalent to 5% of the modified service(s) amount with a minimum of $100 per file. These costs are not reimbursable by the cancellation insurance. Any change in air or ground service or any request by the traveller for a change in his name or in the spelling of his name, after the ticket has been issued, shall be considered a cancellation on the traveller's part, followed by a re-registration. The cancellation charges referred to in Article 2 may therefore be charged to him/her.

Land portion price revision (significant variation in foreign exchange rates)

If foreign exchange rates fluctuations were to increase total trip cost by more than 5%, trip price could be adjusted accordingly. This currency fluctuation can only be assessed on services invoiced to us in foreign currencies. In the event of a price change for such cases, GODUBAI undertakes to inform the traveller at the latest 30 days before the departure date.

Excursions and routes.

The excursion package offered by GODUBAI is subject to change at any time. No compensation will be granted for changes to routes and excursion descriptions. Excursion prices may change any time until booked. No refund will be allowed for excursion cancellation before or during the trip, unless cancelled by the service provider at destination or in case of force majeure.

Some excursions require a minimum number of participants. GODUBAI may cancel an excursion if the minimum number of participants is not reached. Customers will be notified 30 days or more before departure and will not receive any compensation.

For guided tours, the language spoken by the guide could be English, even if the booked tour included a French-speaking guide. GODUBAI cannot be held responsible if the suppliers at destination are unable to provide a French-speaking guide for the excursion.

GODUBAI reserves the right to charge passengers a certain amount for tips at destination when they are not included in the package.

The quality of the meals included in the excursions may vary, and GODUBAI will not grant a compensatory allowance in this regard under any circumstances.

GODUBAI's commitment consists only in providing the services specified in the Quotation. GODUBAI's liability arising from the failure to provide a service in accordance with the Quotation is limited to the replacement of such service by an equivalent service or its reimbursement. If necessary and after receipt and examination of a traveller's written letter to this effect, GODUBAI shall reimburse him/her the price of this service.


The traveller must carry a valid passport throughout the trip as well as any other period required by local authorities. Before departure, he must ensure that he has in hand and in good standing all the necessary documents, including all visas required for legal entry into the visited country or countries. Each traveller is required, at all times during the trip, to abide by local regulations and formalities, whether police, customs (including those relating to the export of objects such as carpets, antiques, souvenirs, etc.), sanitary or immigration-related. Under no circumstances can GODUBAI supersede the traveller's individual responsibility, who is solely responsible for carrying out the formalities and obtaining the required documents before departure (passport, visa, health certificate, etc.) and throughout the trip.

Air transportation

The traveller assumes sole responsibility for any delay caused or costs incurred due to his or her failure to comply with formalities and/or his or her inability to present the required documents in good standing. We place particular emphasis on foreign travellers (non-Canadian nationals) for whom administrative formalities may be different from those applicable to Canadians. Please note that all content published in GODUBAI's catalogue and website is provided for information purposes only and does not engage GODUBAI's responsibility under any circumstances.

The traveller must report at the airport at least three (3) hours before departure time.

The traveller must reconfirm each flight (departure and return) with the airline, in accordance with its policy, otherwise his or her reservation may not be maintained.

International flights are always carried out on an economy class basis and the traveller is responsible for becoming aware of the legal terms and conditions applicable to his or her flight ticket. Tickets are not transferable nor negotiable. GODUBAI is not responsible for any damage caused by personal property or luggage loss or by a delay, schedule or route change due to a carrier. Among other things, in accordance with the Warsaw Convention, the airline may, without notice, change flight schedules and/or routes. These modifications, as well as any technical incident, delay, cancellation, strike, additional stops, aircraft or route changes, political or climatic events do not constitute grounds for cancellation by the traveller and do not entitle him/her to any refund or compensation. Damages incurred by the traveller as a result of his / her bagages loss, theft or damage or delays in their delivery fall in all cases within the carrier's liability. Any complaint concerning this type of incident must be immediately filed with the carrier itself. No claim can be made to GOUBAI upon return from the trip. The consequences of accidents/incidents that may occur during air transportation operations are governed by the provisions of the Warsaw Convention or by local regulations governing national transportation in the concerned country.

Force Majeure

Il est convenu que GODUBAI ne peut être tenue responsable en cas de force majeure. Est considéré comme cas de force majeure, tout événement insurmontable, inévitable et imprévisible empêchant GODUBAI d’honorer l’un ou l’autre de ses engagements.


These are governed by the laws of Quebec and any action that may be brought against GODUBAI must be brought in the courts of that province. The invalidity of any of the provisions hereof shall not void or invalidate the remaining provisions. In the event of any inconsistency between the French and English versions of this Agreement, the French version shall prevail.

Photos and illustrations

All photos and illustrations contained in our brochures, website, other advertisements and Quotations are for information purposes only and are not contractual in nature.


The traveller must ensure that he or she is in reasonably good health to make the entire trip, bring all necessary medication with him or her and be covered by medical insurance, including emergency repatriation.

GODUBAI's trips are accessible to any healthy person and generally do not require the traveller to be in exceptional physical condition or to have special technical knowledge, but the traveller must be prepared (and willing) to make a reasonable physical effort to engage in the chosen travel program activities. Travellers suffering from an allergy, illness or being under prescribed medication must inform GODUBAI at least 15 days before departure. GODUBAI reserves the right to cancel any departure if the traveller has not informed GODUBAI of his state of health and this could affect the smooth running of the trip. If GODUBAI considers that the traveller's health condition is not good enough to undertake the trip, it may at any time cancel the departure or suggest other travel products, without further compensation. Health information must be submitted to your GODUBAI consultant in accordance with the terms and specified delays of the cancellation policy, otherwise cancellation penalties will be applied.

Quality of services at destination

GODUBAI travel logistics implies using many suppliers, service providers and intermediaries. Acting as an intermediary between travellers on the one hand and service providers on the other hand (carriers, hoteliers, charterers, incoming agencies, etc.) GODUBAI cannot be held liable for any act, omission, negligence or error of the latter who, in any case, retain their own responsibility. GODUBAI is also not liable for services provided on any means of transportation means or type of accommodation used during the trip for any act, omission, negligence, error or mishap,or for any loss, damage, accident or delay during travel on any transportation means or due to its malfuntion or with respect to accommodation. GODUBAI is not responsible for any loss, theft or damage to luggage or personal property during a trek or hike and recommends that the traveller take out insurance to that effect.

GODUBAI is not responsible for any damage suffered by the traveller as a result of government action, political and/or religious unrest, acts of terrorism, earthquakes or floods. The itineraries, campgrounds or lodging, or transportation modes are subject to change or substitution, such a decision being final and without recourse.

Consumer advisory

Some events are part of the normal inconveniences that can disrupt an exotic journey. Travellers recognize and accept such occurences and assume the consequences. They recognize that GODUBAI cannot be held liable for this. Examples:

  • Standards of living: outside Canada, lifestyles and standards of living, as well as the conditions and level of services offered, may differ from those to which consumers may be accustomed.
  • Interruption of some services: water, electricity, air conditioning, safety services, sanitary conditions, swimming pools, restaurants, hot water and other services or services of a similar nature may be suspended or interrupted during part or all of the duration of the stay.
  • Food, water and beverages: the quality of the food, water and beverages can depart from Western standards. Consumers accept full responsibility for any illness that could inconvenience them during their trip or upon their return.
  • Sports and social activities: some sports and social activities, sports equipment, as well as some shows organized by hotels, included as such in your Quotation, are offered free of charge and do not constitute a cost element in your Quotation. These benefits may be modified or cancelled at any time.
  • Insects : any tropical climate favours insects life and development. These enjoy luxury hotels as much as budget hotels.
  • Holidays, religious celebrations, school holidays and congresses: a GODUBAI's stay may be disrupted by holidays, school breaks or conventions when services are cancelled, interrupted or not available. Such events vary by country and competent authority. It is virtually impossible for GODUBAI to specify the dates. Travellers realize this and accept the consequences.
  • Allocation of rooms: only the hoteliers have control of room assignment based on the category reserved. If consumers wish, upon arrival, they may change their room category at their own expense, depending on room availability and the hotelier's conditions. Special requests regarding their room's equipment and location may be addressed to the hotelier, but there are no guarantees that these requests will be granted.


Should a traveller behave in a manner prejudicial to other travellers and continue to do so despite a formal warning from the local GODUBAI service provider, GODUBAI reserves the right to exclude this traveller from the group, and the latter must assume all the expenses incurred as a result of this exclusion including accommodation, food, transportation and repatriation.


It is strongly recommended to take out insurance at the time of registration and/or booking. Various types of insurance are available: cancellation, medical and hospital coverage, luggage, etc. Cancellation insurance must cover the amount of "taxes and service charges" to ensure that they will be reimbursed by the insurer in the event of cancellation, in accordance with their rates and conditions. GODUBAI does not act as a travel risk insurer. To cover the consequences of a possible accident, and upon your request, GODUBAI can propose you an insurance.

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