Book with or wihout a travel agnet ?

I find it difficult to understand that one can spend thousands of dollars on a trip and not use the help and advices from a travel agency 🙃 After 25 years in this field, I am certainly inclined to take a stand. 

I understand that booking your trip by yourself feels like you are in control, but it takes a considerable amount of time and involves quite a risk to the success of your future journey.

You must evaluate the complexities of your voyage, does a flight inclusive of 5 stops will offer real savings, will we need we visa?  Will the hotel be located in the best area based on our budget and interests, should we take a sightseeing tour to explore Abu Dhabi or shoud we instead spend a few nights in Abu Dhabi?  

You might think that shopping online will save you some money, but did you know that Expedia owns the following sub-companies: Trivago, Cheaptickets, Carrentals, VRBO, Travelocity, Ebookers, Hotels. com, Hotwire, Orbitz, etc.? 

- Will the tour include a English-speaking guide or headphones? 

- Will the 4x4 desert safari provide us with a sandy dinner buffet? 

- Will they bring us back to our hotel after the tours? 

- Does my hotel offer alcoholic beverages? 

- Will we stand in line for 3 hours at the airport upon arrival? 

- Will our transfers be on time? 

- Will the weather conditions be favorable?  

By using the services of a travel consultant, you will enjoy personalized service, peace of mind, reliable activities, tours & transfers,  that can hardly be done with a computer or a tablet.  Furthermore, you will support our industry which has been hit hard by the pandemic in the last two years. 

Word of mouth & Dr. Google

Speaking with your advisor can be very helpful and can clear up a lot of misinformation. Perhaps your cousin who' s never been to the UAE is confusing the destination with Saudi Arabia 🤣  

And last but not least, I could  if I wanted to, give my car a tune-up, cook an eight layered cake, trade in the stock market, etc. But , I definately prefer to go through my mechanic, stockbroker & local bakery.